Malaga Nights in Elektroniskt i P2 Sunday 1st of June!

Listen to the brilliant radio programme Elektroniskt i P2 on Sunday 1st of June. There will be music by Tom Wolgers, Hans Appelqvist, Fennesz, Ellen Allien and Rumpistol. Also they will play another of the songs on Malaga Nights EP by Gavana! The inspiration this week is the City.


Elektroniskt i P2 med Lisa Wall hör du den hetaste nya elektroniska musiken. Knaster, sprak, digitala pulser, analogt skorrande, fältinspelningar, hårda beats och glittrande pop blandas i programmet som undersöker den elektroniska musiken på djupet.

Elektroniskt i P2 med Lisa Wall produceras vid Sveriges Radio Malmö. Programmet produceras av Erik Mikael Karlsson och i redaktionen ingår även Johanna Olofsson,Helena Lopac och Sandra Mickelsson.


Fiesta con Anaya!

Listen to the program “Elektroniskt i P2” from Sunday 11th of May. The program is the best in Swedish National Radio when it comes to electronic music and  “Fiesta con Anaya” by Anna Gavanas was aired for the first time last Sunday. The full EP Malaga Nights by Gavana will be released in a month (11th of June).

Listen to “Elektroniskt i P2” from the 11th of May here. 

Listen to new release in “Elektroniskt i P2” 11th of May!

Gavana’s “Malaga Nights EP”will be released June 11th, but already in May 11th Swedish National Radio’s ”Elektroniskt i P2” airs tracks from the EP! Listen to the program at 8pm on Sunday.

Malaga nights EP

Sleepless nights in Malaga’s party district brings Gavana (Anna Gavanas) back to the house clubs of the 1990s, places where everything is possible and the party never ends. Malaga Nights oozes of 90s smokers like Robin S “Luv 4 Luv,” Jaydee’s “Plastic Dreams” and Mighty Dub Kats’ “Magic Carpet Ride.”

Palm trees, orange trees and blue skies above an urban beach inspire the first track ”Malagueta.” Gavana’s best friend Anaya (Anna Öström) singing along with partying Spaniards causes ”Fiesta Con Anaya.” ”Drunkorama” and ”El Andaluz” are built from field recordings on the streets of Malaga: drunks yelling, dogs barking and workers singing.