Gavana (Anna Gavanas) is a vinyl DJ active since the 1990s. She specialises in electronica, electro, dub, dancehall, italo disco and global dance music. She produces and composes her own music as well: dub, electronica and electro/dancehall.

As a DJ, Gavana was part of a number of collectives (Ana International Penetrator, Birdhouse, Kvinnosaksklubben) and co-founder, with Anaya (Anna Öström), of Sister Sthlm in 2003. Together with the fellow producer Aimnbreak Gavana is also member of the producer duo Bass Trolls, Pufferfisk as well as the former DJplaneten.

Anna Gavanas is also the author of books and articles on DJ Culture, such as “DJ Culture In The Mix” (Bloomsbury 2013) with Attias and Rietveld; and “DJ-liv: historien om hur diskjockeyn erövrade Stockholm” with Öström (Gidlunds feb 2016)