Kvinnosaksklubben (KSK) was a DJ-team (2007-2009) consisting of Mikronesien, Funky Tuna and Gavana. Together they played merciless cunt-techno and toured festivals and clubs in Stockholm, Berlin, Göteborg and Uppsala. They also had their own club at Marie Laveau in Stockholm. The three members have different musical backgrounds and profiles: Mikronesien played minimal techno, deep-tech, electronica and ambient. Funky played electro, italo och hardcore. Gavana played steppas dub, jungle, drum & bass, dubstep and deep-tech.

Metropol klubb 2008: Youtube videos med Kvinnosaksklubben

Metropol klubb programs with Kvinnosakslubben: 10/10 2008, 7/11 2008 & 5/12 2008.

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