Sister Sthlm

In 2003 Gavana & Anaya founded the DJ network Sister Sthlm. This was the biggest DJ/producer network for females in Sweden between 2003-2008. Within the network the sisters ran the club Eklektik and events like Pumpkin. They also performed together as a collective at Arvikafestivalen, MondayBar, Svaj Klubb etc. The overaching aim of the network was to provide active females in the dance music scene a platform to gain contacts, knowledge and acknowledgment. 

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Check out the DJ Documentary “Crossfaders” NYC & Sthlm from 2002 by Gavanas which includes an interview with DJ Tara that was running Sister San Francisco:

Also, listen to an interview with Sister Sthlm in the Swedish Radio (2007): Sister Sthlm in Radio Metropol or read about the network in an article in Metro (2004): Sister Sthlm in Metro.

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