New release by Meerkat recordings: Pufferfisk!

Meerkat Recordings releasing their first album by Pufferfisk (Gavana & Aimnbreak), sparkling with with 80s italo influences, synthesizer hedonism and spanish robot voices singing about meteros, ”special” excursions and interplanetary communication.

Meerkat Recordings is a vinyl DJ collective and record label since 2007. Expect an avalanche of hip hop, dub, electronica, global dance music, italo, disco, dancehall, grime and old school jungle. The founding members of Meerkat Recordings, DJ Gavana and DJ Aimnbreak, are both well versed vinyl DJs and producers. They play separately and together as the producer/ live duo Pufferfisk, Bass Trolls as well as the former DJplaneten.

Like Meerkats in the Kalahari we fiercely promote subversive dubs from underground headquarters constantly relocated in the world. Following the sound system tradition, Meerkat Recordings is a platform for artists with a purpose beyond the music industry. Like sound system culture, Meerkat Recordings is dedicated to BASS.

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